Besties101: How to style your kaftan

Besties101: How to style your kaftan

How to Style Your Kaftan with Denim and Crop Top for Casual and Sporty Looks

Medinarose kaftans are known for their elegance and comfort, but they can also be transformed into chic and sporty outfits when styled with the right outerwear. By adding a denim jacket or a crop top shirt, you can create a trendy and relaxed look that is perfect for various casual or sporty occasions. In this article, we will explore different ways to style your kaftan with these versatile pieces, allowing you to achieve a seamless fusion of style and comfort.So besties,here are some tips on how you can turn your kaftan to something fun

1. Casual Chic with a Denim Jacket

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Kaftan

Select a flowy and colorful kaftan in your favorite print or pattern. The key is to have a vibrant base that complements the denim jacket's classic style.

Step 2: Define Your Figure with a Belt

For a more structured look, cinch the kaftan at the waist with a stylish belt. This simple step adds definition to your figure and prevents the outfit from appearing too loose.

Step 3: Layer with a Denim Jacket

Opt for a classic denim jacket in a fitted or slightly oversized style. Layer it over the kaftan, leaving it open to showcase the kaftan's design.

Step 4: Roll Up the Sleeves

To add a touch of casual flair, roll up the sleeves of the denim jacket. This creates a relaxed and effortless look while allowing the kaftan's sleeves to peek through.

Step 5: Accessorize and Complete the Look

Finish off your casual chic ensemble with ankle boots or white sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish vibe. Add some statement accessories, such as a chunky necklace or a wide-brimmed hat, to elevate the overall look.

2. Sporty Vibes with a Crop Top Shirt

Step 1: Opt for a Solid-Colored Kaftan

For a sporty look, choose a solid-colored kaftan or one with subtle patterns or stripes. This minimalistic approach sets the stage for a sporty ensemble.

Step 2: Untucked and Relaxed

Leave the kaftan untucked and open or loosely tie the front to maintain a relaxed appearance that complements the sporty vibe.

Step 3: Layer with a Crop Top Shirt

Wear a crop top shirt underneath the kaftan. Go for a complementary color or opt for a crop top with a sporty design to enhance the overall look.

Step 4: Pair with Athletic Bottoms

For an athleisure-inspired outfit, pair the kaftan and crop top with high-waisted leggings or athletic shorts. This combination ensures comfort and style in one.

Step 5: Sporty Footwear

Complete the sporty look with white sneakers or stylish trainers that add to the athletic flair.

Step 6: Accessorize with a Sporty Bag

Carry a sporty backpack or a crossbody bag to complement the overall aesthetic while keeping your essentials close at hand.

Bonus Tip: Add an Edgy Touch

For an edgy twist, layer on a lightweight bomber jacket or a track jacket over the kaftan and crop top shirt ensemble. This adds an extra layer of style and sophistication to the sporty look.

With a touch of creativity and the right outerwear, your kaftan can transform into a versatile and stylish outfit suitable for casual and sporty occasions. Embrace the casual chicness of a denim jacket or the sporty vibes of a crop top shirt, and effortlessly elevate your kaftan into a statement piece that embraces both comfort and fashion. Explore the possibilities of these unique combinations, and make your kaftan the centerpiece of a truly chic and sporty ensemble. Embrace the best of both worlds with these stylish and laid-back looks that will make you stand out with effortless charm.